MACS – Terms and Conditions

About us and our policies

Mendieta Air Conditioning Services is a company that offers both air conditioning equipment and HVAC installation services. In our organization, we pay special attention to the safety of private information provided by our customers, and always seek to offer products with a high standard of quality.

Who can use our website?

Any person and/or company interested in our products and services can sign up or leave their contact information as well as surf our website.

Commercial terms

• In order to reschedule and/or cancel a quotation appointment or project diagnosis, this must be done 4 hours in advance.
• Contracts will be made for each project with the details of the diagnosis, deadlines, budget, managers, and activities to be performed, as proof and backup of the various commercial agreements (B2B).
• When purchasing through e-commerce, the client is 100% responsible for reading the details of the product before concluding the purchase process.
• The price shown in the e-commerce does not include taxes. You’ll be able to see that amount at the checkout.
• The shipping cost will be added depending on the size of the project.
• Payment methods available: we use the STRIPE platform that accepts the main international credit and debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.), mobile wallets (Alipay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.), bank transfers and cash, etc.
• Regarding sales at our e-commerce, payment is immediate; however, the payment of projects is made in two parts: the first initial payment with a 50% down payment, and the rest of the payment is made at the end of the project.

Return and refund policy

• The possibility of making a return or refund will be given in favor of the client as long as the fault comes from our equipment and/ or personnel; if the cause of the failure is wrong handling by the customer or the conditions of the installation place, there will be no claim

Guarantee and liability for services and products

• With regard to the guarantee of our products and services, this will be valid for up to one year after the end of the project or purchase date


• In case of malpractice from our employees during installation, in which the installation place is damaged, the company assumes
100% of the cost of the damage caused.

Right to change and modify our Terms

• As a company that always seeks the common benefit of our employees and customers, we declare our right to change and/or
modify the terms of the company without prior notice. However, the terms initially established will be maintained for the contracts
that are currently valid

Customer service and contact information

• Customer service is available through email, WhatsApp, or phone calls.
• The contact information that you may provide us will be used only for registration and storage of our customer database.