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14 Jun by admin44

Elimination of air conditioning leak

Failure due to air conditioning leakage in a refrigeration device or system is very common. This loss of refrigerant in a refrigeration circuit may be due to a fault in the installation or in the manufacture of the materials used. Likewise, the wear of these or some defect in the outdoor or indoor unit is […]
14 Jun by admin44

Installation of extraction system

We offer the service of design and implementation of Mechanical Ventilation Systems. We work with all kinds of equipment for Commercial Ventilation and Industrial Ventilation (Axial Fans, Centrifugal Fans, Helicocentrifugal Fans and Bathroom Extractors). We transform environments from better to special: we specialize in air movements for clinics, operating rooms, offices, industrial plants
14 Jun by admin44

Installation of air conditioning equipment

We offer you the ideal solution to air-condition your environment with the quality and safety that we guarantee. We install equipment of different brands and capacities such as: York, Lennox, Gree, Cold Point, Midea, LG, etc. We are a company committed to the satisfaction of our customers, providing the widest range of comprehensive solutions for […]